Friday, June 5, 2009

Born a Pit Bull Poem

This poem is by the author of this site Jennifer Stelter
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Born a Pit Bull

I was born a pit bull
I did not ask to be
this is the life god has chosen for me
what have I done to deserve this fate
you put me in a cage and teach me to hate
I dream of a day when I get to be free
I would be so kind just wait and see
untill then I keep my dreams close to my heart
I wake up everyday in hopes of a new start
I dont want to be bad
I wasnt born like this
but you took me from my mother and
threw me in the pits.
somehow I won but I recieved no prize
just made it to the next night and a dog of another size
Im not sure if its worth the pain that I know
but sadly I love you so this time Ill go
I just wanted to make you happy
for I thought you were my friend
but with the days passing I wish it was the end
you said this is my last fight so I cant wait to go
I feel things will get better so maybe theres hope
I am a little older and wish I was faster but
I will try my best for you are my master
this fight is harder then I thought, and I just cant seem to win
the years of pain are starting to kick in
its not looking good for me as I lay on the ground
I cant get this one off me
and cant make a sound
dont let me die dont let this be the end
prove to me this one time that you are my friend
with my eyes im telling you what I need to say
and with my last breath
I look to you to see you turn and walk away
see I was born a pit bull
and did not ask to be
but I am in a better place in heaven where I can be free

by jennifer stelter 2008

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flea and Heartworm Prevention

There is many different kinds of Flea, tick and Heart worm prevention on the market. I have one product that I love above all the rest and its name Revolution. You can get it at your vet but I have found much better deals online. Usually you need to buy 3 treatments at a time. Each one last for a month though. You place the medicine between he shoulders of the dog. I love Revolution because a lot of dogs I have adopted have came from shelters where Mange is common and Sarcoptic Mange is very contagious. Its a form of scabies that live in the skin and cause itching and hair loss. Revolution actually treats this as well as fleas and Heart worms. It great because its an all in one treatment. Mange is a pain and can be hard to get rid of. Plus it drives your dog nuts! I would recommend this product because it treats so many different things. Keep your pal happy!

Revolution features:
* Prevents heartworm disease* Kills adult fleas and prevents their eggs from hatching* Treats and controls ear mites* Treats and controls sarcoptic mange (in dogs only)* Controls roundworms and hookworms (in cats only)* One tube applied monthly* Each tube contains Selemectin

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Brushing your best buddies teeth is very important. They cant do it so its your job to help keep their mouths clean. There is many different kinds of toothpaste made just for dogs at your pet store. They are usually a flavor the animals will find palatable like beef or chicken flavors. They sound gross but most smell good or some what sweet.
Dogs are prone to plaque which is from food particles and bacteria that forms on the gum line. If you don't remove it, it will turn into tarter. The minerals in plaque will start to mineralize in about 3 to 5 days of forming on the teeth. Tartar is harder to get off and can lead to Gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. This can also cause bad breath.
Then if the tartar is still not removed you can get a disease called Periodontal Disease. Pockets are formed in between the teeth and gums and more bacteria will collect there. It is painful for the animal and can lead to all kinds of problems like tooth lose an infection. The scary part about this is the bacteria can start to enter the bloodstream and affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. These infections can be fatal as well as expensive. Prevention is the best cure. Brush your dogs teeth as much as possible. Canned foods are more prone to build up on their teeth as well. If you have a pup start them off with brushing young to keep them safe in the future.

Want Your Pit To Scare People?

I am a single mother so I have to admit that having a bad looking Pit can be empowering. Specially at night time when its just you and your child. If some one comes to your door its a good feeling to have a beefy dog there to ward off potential threats.

Unfortunately that isn't really what I am talking about. Have you ever noticed the Pits that are dressed up in chains with spikes and huge chain links attached to the dog? Or the muzzle that look like a bear should be wearing it and not a dog? It seems to be a status symbol for many. The meaner your dog looks the tougher you must be. The truth is if your doing this with your dog you are only hurting it. People already will cross streets and pick up their children in the presence of a pit bull. By decorating them in "scare wear" you are adding to the problem of there bad reputation. People already know this is a bad ass dog. The media loves to to scare people with this breed and there is countless pictures online of dogs that look dam near evil. These poor dogs are getting banned all over the country so when you dress your dog up to look like a killer that is exactly what people will think of it. Stop doing this if you love your dog. They have enough enemies already!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pits at Dog Parks

This is a big debate among us pit bull owners. Should your Pit Bull be aloud at a dog park? Well there is a lot of nay sayers but I on the other hand think yes your pit should be aloud in many circumstances.
First off, there is a lot of people that feel if your a responsible owner that your pit should not be aloud to go there. This is due to the fact that pits were bred to fight. Be that as it may you should know your dog better then anyone else. I like to start my dogs off there as pups. Usually I start them off around the age of 12 weeks or so. It is great to socialize them and get them used to other dog temperaments and personalities. If your dog never has a chance to experience any other animals then there is a good chance they wont be friendly with them. Now if you have an older dog then you need to gage how its been with other dogs its seen and met before you go and just let him cut loose.
Everyone of my pits has been raised at the dog park and out of 7 dogs there was 2 that I stopped taking because I could see some aggression towards other dogs starting. My last Male Harley was actually attacked by a Husky. After I got the Husky away from him it ran back and attacked him again as we were leaving. I ended up fighting off the dog because my pit wouldn't fight back. He was just a sweetie that didn't not have a mean bone in his body. So who is to say he has no right to go. I don't want to label him and say just because he is a pit type breed that he cant be nice with other animals, because its just not true. You know your animal and a responsible owner watches them and how they respond. If they look like they cant handle it then try something else with them. I always recommend having a braking stick if you own a pit bull. Even if your taking a daily walk and another dog attacks you wont be able to get them apart with out one.