Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never Ending Homeless Dogs

Yep, the never ending amount of home less dogs that I see online boggles my mind. From Craigslist to Petfinder and everything in between it never seems to slow down. I wish I could tell you how bad it hurts and bothers me to see so many sweet faces that are dyeing to be loved and wanted. Its depressing and frustrating because I wish I could take them all or help more. I am blown away at how so many of these animals are disposed of like trash. Do people think that because they are animals they feel no pain? Humans created these problems not the animals but they surly are the ones that suffer the most.
Why is there not laws for spaying or neutering? Why is there not stiffer punishments for back yard breeders and puppy mills? I don't get it! When you start searching the ads there is a never ending supply of sweet dogs out there that will never get a chance or a home, plus puppies getting put down due to over crowding in shelters. The fact is people are wasteful and selfish in general and don't take the time to even care about the sad truth regarding the over abundance of animals in the US. Please spay and neuter your pets and please don't breed your dogs! It cost others their lives!

Black Dogs

Have you ever heard of " Black Dog Syndrom?" Black dogs are the last dogs in shelters to find homes. This is why so many shelters actually will put the all black dogs in the front or first isles to be walked down. People pass by them and go to that flashy colored dog in the next pen. Black dogs have much less chance of being adopted or even looked at. This seems strange to me because I know have known so many people with black dogs and I had two growing up. My fiance loves black dogs but I guess they are over looked by most. Its sad for them because they didnt ask to me any certain color and their fate is usually sealed because of it. Dont forget about them if your looking to adopt. They need love and respect just as much as the other dogs of different colors.

I dont know about you but I think this is one stunning black dog right here!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pit Friendly Apartments

I have decided to move from my state of Michigan to Tennessee. Were going to start off in an apartment for a while so we can get situated. I decided to check on all the apartment communities in the Tennessee area that were moving to. Most people feel when they have to move to an apartment they cant take their beloved dog with them. This is not true what so ever if you own a "regular" dog. What do I mean by that? You can find an apartment now days that is pet friendly, if you don't own a Pit Bull! I was not able to find one complex in the whole city. I am very bothered by this being that a Put bull is the only breed of dog I will ever get. There is other dogs listed in some of them as well like, Rotts, Chows, Akitas etc.
With so many people losing there homes right now its no wonder that there is ad after ad of Pit Bull type dogs that need homes due to moving. This upsets me to know end because now I am in a situation that I have a real problem with. So once again thanks to all the people that have ruined this breed. I thought discrimination was wrong. I guess that doesn't apply to dogs though.