Friday, December 18, 2009

Judge Joe Brown on Pitbulls

First off let me say that I never watched Judge Joe, but my family does. I personally think hes a long winder blow hard that likes to hear himself ramble. But I have seen him BASH pitbulls over and over because he doesnt like them. He calls them psycho and pulls up stupid charts that are not correct. He uses the fact that hes a judge to turn people against the breed. His charts are crap and use the term pit bull to cover many different breeds. So when you add the stats from many "pitbull" type breeds the stats will be higher then other breeds. He also has polls on his shows asking if pitbull owners should have a special license. What the hell is that? Judge Joe Brown is a moron! I hope people argue back with him as he tries to tech the world a bunch of false info.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Please Rescue Sweet Pup in North Carolina

This super pretty little girl pit is running out of time! She is in Dallas North Carolina at a high kill shelter name Gatson Animal Control! They use the gas chamber to put their dogs down which is more cruel and inhumane then most people can imagine. She only has till the 23rd of Oct. and then they will end her sweet little life way to early. Here is the link to the petfinder page where she is at...

Go here to learn more and try to adopt her. Please save a life. This is a fawn colored little girl that is to pretty to waste.

There is also many more pits and pit mixes that are there that need homes fast, this shelter does not mess around and is high kill so do not wait, their life depends on you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth About Gas Chambers

Putting animals to death by means of gassing is a subject I have dreaded writing about. This is because the amount of sadness and grief that it fills my heart with. It literally causes a depression in me because I know what really goes on inside these gas chambers.

There is nothing humane about the gas chamber. In fact in is so cruel that most can not even believe the suffering that goes along with being gassed. It can take about 20-45 minutes for an animal to die. There is a list of symptoms that they can go through that include, sickness, disorientation, panic, fear, tremors, loss of control of bladder and bowls, dizziness and choking.

The worst thing about this is sometimes the animals dont die the first time from being gassed. They can have more dogs poured on top of them and go through the horror all over again. They will listen to the barks, screams and whimpers all over again. They can lose control of themselves and there nervous systems and can start banging their heads into the metal cage or start biting themselves or any other dog close to them. It is so horrible that some of the images I have seen on this upset me to the point of throwing up. It is hard to imagine that these innocent dogs and cats and babies are piled up like trash in these to suffer a fate that we cant imagine.

Some areas like North Carolina use gas chambers frequently. There is usually some petition to fight it that you can find some where online.

The gas they use is generally Carbon Monoxide which can leak and cause harm to the people running them. Not that I a have tons of sympathy for them. Yeah I know everyone has to make a living but to me anyone who does that is worthless to me.

The public needs to learn about this terrible method and stop turning a blind eye to it. Here is a link to a site that will teach you more.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Micheal Vick Now

Well by now I think its not news that Micheal Vick is playing football again with the Eagles. I was pretty surprised when I heard that he got a standing ovation at is first game. Seems like most of the crowd there was in favor of him and there was only one small group there for the dogs that he hurt and killed. So I would like to say this, if you were at that first game in Philly were he came out for the first time and you were one of the people that stood up, take me off your favorites list and dont come back to my blog! I dont want you hear. I understand that everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it but in this case I dont care. That is an outrage that he was welcomed back like that.
Seriously people is sports really that important that we are going to ignore what he did to these frigen innocent animals because he can throw a ball well? What are we telling everyone else in the world? Its not that big of a deal, if you get caught dog fighting and killing them after just say your sorry and all is forgotten. Is this justice?
Now I find out from the news that today that his jersey was the number 4 jersey to sell this year. I am shocked and blown away. What am I missing? I am still heartbroke over what he did and people are out there buying his stuff and supporting him. The level of cruelty which he was involved in does not just go away in a person. Sorry, but it doesn't. I never heard him apologize for the dogs that he killed in terrible ways once. I am just sad because I have so much love for this breed and we have people hurt it so much and everyone turns a blind eye to it because he is famous. Shame on every person that supports him!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What can you tell from a picture?

I often browse through the pet ads and every week or so I look on Petfinder to watch whats out there. I cam across this picture of this little girl Pit name Lola. She was at a shelter in Kentucky which is about 8 hours from me.

I seen something very special in her just from looking at her pic. Did you know you can generally tell a if a dog is dominant or submissive from a picture or two? Well you usually can if you know what you are looking for. Looking at the ears is the best way to start. Are they back and low against the dogs head? Or are they perked up and forward? If the are low and back then they this will usually indicate a more submissive personality. If they are up and forward then usually a more confident or some what dominant personality.

I feel in love with this dog because there was a softness on her face and in her eyes. You can also look at the tail to tell about the dog as well. There can be many factors that make it hard to tell though. What if the dog was just scared, or just got picked up off the street? You might not get the best reading then. So this really just gives you an idea. Look at the picture of the dog I fell in love with below.

This face shows me a type of dog that I would prefer. Submissive and sweet and soft. I went as far as to fill out and app. for her and while I was doing this some one else went there and snagged her. I was going to travel a couple states away just because something told me she was very sweet and special. I was heartbroke when I found out she was adopted but also happy she gets to start a new life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shop Wiki Pets

I decided to write a blog on a very helpful website that I came across. The name of the site is This is a huge site that has everything you could ask for but I am going to focus on the pets section. Shop Wiki is a comparison engine that is filled with useful information.
If you are searching online for dog food then shopwiki would be great for you because they not only have tons of dog food but tons of information on it as well. You can read about dry vs. canned food, essential ingredients, treats, health news and on and on. You will find whatever you want to know so you can make the best decision for your pet. Its a great tool. Now your not just going to find food on this site, there is just about everything. In the pets section there is toys, leashes, houses, flea and tick meds, grooming and more. But like I was saying the neat thing is there is information on all of it and buying guides as well.

You can learn a lot from this site so I would recommend checking it out. Shop Wiki has been expanding over seas as well. You can find it in Germany, Netherlands and France. Its not just for dogs either, there is the same amount of products for other animals as well.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feed Shelter Animals Free Here!!!

Please follow this link and click to feed hungry animals in shelters. Everytime you click a cup of food is donated by sponsers! You can do it every day so put it on your favorites and keep helping these animals. Its just a click so do your part! Just go to the Hunger tab at the top of the page. Thanks

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is an American Bully

An American Bully is a pitbull but not an American Pit bull Terrier. They were crated by Dave Wilson and are associated with bloodlines like Razors Edge, Gotti, and Greyline. Most of the Ambullies you see are blue, black and fawn in color, but can come in any of the colors that the APBT comes in. They are much bigger then an American Pit Bull Terrier. They were bred for larger size and looks. Ambullies were also bred to be the ultimate companion dog. They have great well mannered temperaments. Ambullies have large heads and are thicker and lower to the ground then the APBT.
They do have American Pit Bull in them but also have been bred with other breeds to create the large massive appearance they have. No one knows for sure but its a common belief they were mixed with Mastiffs and/or English Bulldogs.This is were the controversy comes in. The American Bully does have its own registry which is called the American Bully Kennel Club. The standards for these dogs are very loose. There is classic bullies, XL Ambullies, pocket sized Ambullies and and extreme bullies which is a incredibly massive dog.
It appears that there is many breeders that say they sell American Pit Bull Terriers that are actually the Ambully. I have see these dogs go for 6,ooo dollars! The looks on the classic or well bred ones are impressive as they are beautiful dogs, but to many breeders just breed for size and nothing else. Some of them have legs that are bowed out so far that it looks like it hurts.
I for one really like the look of the well bred Ambully and have some pictures of ones that I think are wonderful looking.

As you can see these are impressive dogs! Many people cant tell the difference between them and an American Pit Bull Terrier. It can be tricky to the untrained eye. APBT's are smaller and dont have the massive heads like the Ambully.
Here is a picture of an extreme Ambully. There is alot of health concerns for these extreme bad boys. To me this is still a great looking dog though

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day at the Park Poem

A Day At The Park
He is just like other dogs I would always say; He loves to go to the dog park to play every day Everyone loves him there, so it's ok; My dog won't fight--he wasn't raised that way But then one day, right before dark, A troubled young man came into the park He had by his side the biggest dog I'd ever seen, And unfortunately for us, both were quite mean We asked very nicely if they would just go; The dog answered with a snarl and the man with a harsh "NO!"Well his dog was a terror, threatening to all; Then he started a fight with a Lab over a ball They fought pretty hard and the man would not intervene; Then here comes my dog and pushes right in between He grabbed that big dog and thrashed him around; And with one quick jerk threw him down on the ground The Lab was able to escape; I heard everyone cheer; But my dog was now in a frenzy and would not let me near When he finally let go, what I saw stopped my heart; That big mean dog had been torn apart The authorities were called, the big dog was now dead; But they didn't take the big dog; they took my dog instead We all tried to explain that my dog saved the day; But because of his breed he was taken away You see my dog was a Pitbull and they don't get any breaks; One small incident is all that it takes dog had died; And though he hadn't started the fight, My dog was held responsible for what happened that night He was deemed a danger to all and sentenced to death; And I hold him now as he takes his last breath It's my fault that my dog is being killed today; Please listen for a moment to what I am going to say Everyone warned me about his potential to fight; I said it won't happen, I am raising him right And now my dog is paying the ultimate price; Because I was stubborn and wouldn't take the advice He only did what he was bred to do; Learn from our story; don't let it happen to you.

This poignant poem was written by, Sue Gauthier.

Where to get get your next pitbull from poll

Where will you get your next pitbull from?

Where will you get your next Pitbull from?

A Breeder
Newspaper browsing
Shelters and Rescues
Friend or Family
Other free polls

Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic Mange is another kind of mite that causes hair loss and irritation. Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious to other animals and can also be transmitted to humans, although this is rare. These mites will dig tunnels down into the skin and cause itching, inflammation and hair loss. The dog usually has large patches of hair loss and crusty scabs where the hair loss has occurred.
It is harder to see the Sarcoptic mange mite from doing a skin scrapping. The mites move fast and sometimes you can do tons of scrapings and still not see anything. One common test that can be done is called the Pedal-Pinna Reflex Test. Most every dog that has mange with have mites on the Pinna which is also known as the ear flap. If you take the ear flap of the dog and gentle rub or scratch the underside of it a dog with mites will reflexively do a scratching motion with their back legs while you are doing this.
Ivermectin is an active ingredient in Heartguard and it has now been found to kill Sarcoptic mange mites if given in the correct dosage.
Some breeds can not take the drug Invermectin as they have a sensitivity to it and it can be fatal. Collie breeds and other similar breeds should never be given this medicine. Ask your vet.
Revolution is what I used when I had an Australian Shepherd and it worked great. It also protects again fleas, ticks, heart worms etc. I swear by this stuff!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Demodex Mange

Mange is common in dogs and some types of mange are highly contagious. I got 3 different Pit bulls of shelters at different times and all of them had mange. Pit bulls are prone to skin disorders so it can be a real pain when you dog contracts mange.

The first type is Demodex mange and can also be called "Red Mange". Demodex mange is passed from the mother to the pups. All dogs have small amounts of mange but it when their immune system becomes weak that is when it can flair up. This type of Mange is not generally contagious to other dogs although it has been known to happen on some occasions. Demodex Mange mites live inside the hair follicles where it is hard for the medicine to reach. There is 3 types of Demodex mange which include:
General, localized and Demodectic Pododermatitis.
General is where the whole body of the animal can be affected. They can lose their hair and become infected with scaly skin. They can get secondary infections which can make their skin itchy or smelly.
Localized happens in isolated areas like around the face and eyes. This is common in puppies and sometimes can clear up as the dog grows up with proper nutrition.
Demodectic Pododermatitis happens in the paws of the dog and usually is accompanied by a secondary infection. This is one of the hardest forms of Demodosis there is to treat.
Don't breed animals with this disease as it looks like it can be hereditary.
The best treatment that I have seen for this is Invermectin. You can not give this medicine to certain herding breeds like Australian Shepherds and Collies.There is also the Dips that your vet will usually do because they have such strong chemicals in them.
If you are noticing symptoms of hair loss or itchy irritated skin then take your dog to the vet right away so you can find a coarse of treatment for you and your pet.

My Best Looking Pit

Out of all the Pit bulls I have raised and fostered and taken in Hemi was the most stunning dog I have ever seen. I have searched every where to find a color contrast like he has. When I would walk him any where I would always have people screaming comments out of their car. He was the only one in his litter that had that look. Im was told he was full pit but Im not sure if he was mixed with American Bulldog or not because he had some long legs and body. Here is some pics but they don't do him any justice.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Favorite Type of Pitbull?

As we know the term "pit bull" is not a specific breed, its just a general term used to describe several breeds with similar characteristics.

Favorite Type of Pitbull?
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Bull Terrier
American Bulldog free polls

Stiffer Punishments Poll

What do you feel about people that fight this breed? Please give honest answers! Thanks

Should punishments be stiffer for people who fight dogs?
yes, more jail time
yes, more fines
yes, more of both jail time and fines
no, less jail time
no, less fines
no, less of both jail time and fines free polls

Favorite Pitbull Color Poll

It seems to me that Pit Bulls come in more colors then ice cream flavors. I think this is great because unlike some breeds like Goldens and Labs your dog is some what unique. Here is a Fav color poll so we can get an idea of what others like compared to what we like. The more votes the better! Thanks!

Whats your favorite color Pit Bull?

Solid Black
Solid White
Solid Blue
Solid Red
Black and White
Blue and White
Red and White
Brown and White
Brindle, Brindle and White, Reverse Brindle
Tri Colored
Freckled and White
White with eye patch
Other free polls

Ear Docking

To dock or not to dock? Ear docking on Pit bulls is very common and is strictly cosmetic. Although there is different levels of docking, people that fight their dogs usually have the dogs ears docked very short.
It is nothing more then a matter of preference but I prefer not to for the only reason that if they were naturally built that way then that's the way they should remain. Many people disagree with docking because it has not apparent health benefits to the animal. It's really just for the owner.
I happen to really like the way docked ears look but cant bring myself to put them through discomfort unnecessarily for my own benefit. I like floppy ears to because every dog I have had has floppy ears. All in all I choose not to do it. If there was some kind of health benefit for the animal then I might consider it.

Below the image on the top has docked ears, and the one below has natural.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are American Staffordshire Terrier & APBT the Same Breed?

This subject is one that I didn't want to even tackle because of all the confusion that surrounds it. There is many opinions on weather or not the American Staffordshire Terrier and ABPT are the same breed of dog.

In 1936 the American Kennel Club starting accepting and registering Pit Bulls. The UKC and ADBA had the registered Pit Bulls names changed to Staffordshire Terriers. Then after that they once again changed their name to American Staffordshire Terrier. The dog show world is the reason there is so much confusion. These dogs are the same breed but after being bred for different purposes for so long they became separate breeds. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a Pit Bull that was bred for the show ring, not for fighting. They are stockier and have larger heads.

So basically its nothing more then opinion. They have been bred different and the fighting in the AmStaff bloodline has been watered down so much that it is not considered to be a fighting Pit Bull. So yes they did start from the same group of British dogs but the breeding manner and use made them into " separate breeds". The Amstaff is just the show bred Pit Bull. Some may argue this.

Spring Pole Fun

A spring pole can be a great idea for your pit bull. They love to pull and hang from them and they are great exercise. Some Pit bulls will play with these and entertain themselves for hours so its great to get one and just leave it hung up in the backyard. They dont cost to much money either. I bought mine of Ebay and only paid about 30.00$ for it new. There is a few different sizes available. These are great for your dog to just let off some steam and are easy to install! Just be careful and use with caution at first because some dogs will launch them selves really high which can lead to injuries.

Dog hanging on springpole.

Aggressive Dog Stance

As you can see in this stance the dog is trying to make himself appear to be very large by standing straight up, and holding his ears and tail up as well. Their tail may move back and forth slowly and they have a low pitch growl as well. If you are facing a stray dog that looks like this then avoid eye contact as they will perceive this as a challenge. Remain calm and if you turn around and start running then the dog will chase you. DO NOT RUN! Stand still and be calm until the dog relaxes.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fearful Dog Stance

A fearful dog is usually a easier stance to tell. They have their tails low and appear to have the scamper look. His back is arched and his head and butt and low. His ears are back and legs are bent. This dog lacks confidence and is scared.

Alert Dog Stance

Dogs that are alert can go either way. They can choose to be friendly, defensive, or challenging. Usually speaking it is your actions that will help the dog decide how he should act towards you.
An alert dog stands straight up on toes, forward ears, and mouth closed. To help a strange dog not get aggressive avoid to much eye contact and do not stand over dog.

Dog Play Stance

Do you know how to tell when a dog is playing? Other then the obvious tail waggin fast from side to side there is a classic play stance that you might recognize. This is where they put their front legs on the ground and their rear end up in the air. This means they are ready to go! There are no worries when you see them do this as they are just having fun and being happy.

New Dog Dilemma

I have said already that in a few months when I move out of state that I will be getting another pup. I have to wait till I get settled and its killing me to be honest. I have thought long and hard about what I am looking for in my next dog. First off I this time only would like a female dog. The other thing that I struggle with day in and day out is where to get my pup from.
I am looking for certain things that I want in my pup. Things like heavy bone structure, sound temperament, certain color etc. So running off to a good breeder sounds so easy because I can find a breeder that has dogs that have all the traits that I desire. I figure some where with in 100 miles of where you live you can find pretty much what ever you want. The problem I have is I feel obligated to get a shelter dog. I know all to well how many amazing animals there is waiting for some one to take them home in shelters. I love the feeling of saving a life. I might not be able to meet the parents of a shelter dog or know anything about its past. So I go back and forth because there is just to many great dogs that need homes but I also have been dreaming of a certain dog that I have wanted for a long time. I could get really lucky and find the shelter pit bull that has all the traits and characteristics I am looking for, but if I don't then how long do I wait? How many shelters do I check? I really just don't know what to do but I will keep you posted. Leave comments if you have any advice. Thanks

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never Ending Homeless Dogs

Yep, the never ending amount of home less dogs that I see online boggles my mind. From Craigslist to Petfinder and everything in between it never seems to slow down. I wish I could tell you how bad it hurts and bothers me to see so many sweet faces that are dyeing to be loved and wanted. Its depressing and frustrating because I wish I could take them all or help more. I am blown away at how so many of these animals are disposed of like trash. Do people think that because they are animals they feel no pain? Humans created these problems not the animals but they surly are the ones that suffer the most.
Why is there not laws for spaying or neutering? Why is there not stiffer punishments for back yard breeders and puppy mills? I don't get it! When you start searching the ads there is a never ending supply of sweet dogs out there that will never get a chance or a home, plus puppies getting put down due to over crowding in shelters. The fact is people are wasteful and selfish in general and don't take the time to even care about the sad truth regarding the over abundance of animals in the US. Please spay and neuter your pets and please don't breed your dogs! It cost others their lives!

Black Dogs

Have you ever heard of " Black Dog Syndrom?" Black dogs are the last dogs in shelters to find homes. This is why so many shelters actually will put the all black dogs in the front or first isles to be walked down. People pass by them and go to that flashy colored dog in the next pen. Black dogs have much less chance of being adopted or even looked at. This seems strange to me because I know have known so many people with black dogs and I had two growing up. My fiance loves black dogs but I guess they are over looked by most. Its sad for them because they didnt ask to me any certain color and their fate is usually sealed because of it. Dont forget about them if your looking to adopt. They need love and respect just as much as the other dogs of different colors.

I dont know about you but I think this is one stunning black dog right here!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pit Friendly Apartments

I have decided to move from my state of Michigan to Tennessee. Were going to start off in an apartment for a while so we can get situated. I decided to check on all the apartment communities in the Tennessee area that were moving to. Most people feel when they have to move to an apartment they cant take their beloved dog with them. This is not true what so ever if you own a "regular" dog. What do I mean by that? You can find an apartment now days that is pet friendly, if you don't own a Pit Bull! I was not able to find one complex in the whole city. I am very bothered by this being that a Put bull is the only breed of dog I will ever get. There is other dogs listed in some of them as well like, Rotts, Chows, Akitas etc.
With so many people losing there homes right now its no wonder that there is ad after ad of Pit Bull type dogs that need homes due to moving. This upsets me to know end because now I am in a situation that I have a real problem with. So once again thanks to all the people that have ruined this breed. I thought discrimination was wrong. I guess that doesn't apply to dogs though.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check out my other site!

I spent the past year making this other web site for Pit bulls. This is to teach people about the breed. There is tons of great information on there like, Pictures, myths, videos, poems, games, polls, training tips and so much more. Please check it out and link to me so we can keep teaching people about this amazing breed.

" A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more then it loves them self"

Get with it Craiglist users!

Once or twice a week I like to scroll through Craiglist pet ads to see what is going on. I sometimes add some dogs to my other website that may need homes in order to help them find a good loving home.
One thing that infuriates me to no end is the "FREE TO GOOD HOME" ads. Pit bulls are always on there and people many times give them away. What is wrong with you people that do that? Do you not know what people do with pit bulls? Have you been living under a rock? Putting free is bad enough for any breed because researchers will gobble them up like a kid in a candy store. But to put any type of pit bull on their warrants much more trouble! People will pose as nice families and then fight them or use them as bait dogs for other pits to practice on. You are this dog friend and family and this is what you do? Those people wait for ignorant people and they watch like hawks for the free ones. Once they get them god only knows what will happen to them.
Everyone likes money so why not charge 50$ bucks to help out the dog. Plus it shows how serious the person is if they are willing to pay, and most are willing to pay a measly 50$ for a dog they want to love. Don't be fooled woman pose on there as well as men. Your dog loves you and you owe it to him to use your head. We don't live in dream world of butterflies and cupcakes here people so please get with it!!!

Submissive Dog Behavior

Submissive dog behavior is usually favored over dominant behavior. Submissive dogs have no desire to be the leader of the pack and are happy being a lower member of that pack. It is when submissive dogs develop different levels of fear aggression and fear biting that there is a problem. Generally I prefer a submissive dog over a dominant dog any day. They don't feel the need to challenge their owners which makes training much easier. Here is some submissive behaviors in dogs.

Lowered head with flat ears
Low crouched body
Tail between legs

Avoidance of eye contact
Submissive urinating
Showing teeth ( No growling though, this is also called smiling and is not the same as a dominant dogs does when showing teeth.)
Licking lips
Licking masters face and chin
Rolling on belly
Exposes throat

Submissive peeing is the dog showing you "I submit to you". If you punish the dog by yelling or hitting the problem will get worse because the dog will try harder to submit to you. You have to ignore it and help build dogs confidence. Try these tips for building confidence.

Don't yell or hit ever
Don't walk at dog while staring in the eyes
Don't stand over dog
Get on their level
Stay calm and use a calm voice
Ignore submissive behavior by walking away as soon as they do it
If dog sticks to ground pick up and put on feet and bring out tail from legs
Don't comfort them while they are being submissive
Light discipline

Submissive urination will usually stop if you follow these rules. You just need to help build them up and give them confidence in themselves. Never ever rub their nose thier messes!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


BSL is alive and well and is always popping up some where! Fight it! Sign petitions, write city officials and do whatever you can to help our best friends. They would give their life for us, what can you do to save theirs?

What is BSL?

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. This is where there are proposed bills regarding "pit bulls" or certain other breeds. Some proposed bills are banning of certain breeds, muzzle laws, micro-chipping and breeding practices. The thing is, is BSL does not work. Once again we are punishing the dog for the owners actions. BSL takes away your right to own a certain type of dog.

I strongly disagree with BSL. I think its an outrage! It breaks my heart to see many good owners having to move or get rid of there beloved pet. The bad owners will just ignore the laws anyways and continue to have these dogs. The good owners are the ones that feel it the most, because they love their pets and are forced to get rid of them or they can even be put down. This blows my mind and I cant tell you how angry this makes me. What do these families tell their kids that are so attached to the family dog?

The media plays a large role in BSL. Any dog with a big head and sort hair is called a pit bull and many times they are not pit bulls at all. Here is the thing, pit bull is NOT a breed of dog. Its a general term used to describe many breeds of dogs that have similar characteristics. The pit bull covers many breeds like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bulldogs, and in many cases the Presa Canario and Dogo Argentino because they are so similar looking. So if any one of these dogs hurts some one they are just called a pit bull and it appears that they are always on the news. Well when you group a bunch of breeds together then yes it will seem they are more dangerous because there is so many. If you grouped together the dogs in the Working group together the stats will be higher because you are dealing with many more breeds. See how that works? There has been many times when after the media reports a "pit bull" biting they find out it wasn't even a pit bull at all. Many crosses of different breeds can look like a pit bull. Boxer, Mastiff, Rhodesian Ridge back mixes can fool many people because they can look so close to a pit bull.

The bottom line is we need to fight BSL. Good owners should not have their rights taking away because of the bad deeds of other worthless people.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dominant Dog Behavior

Dominant dog behavior is very common and can lead to serious problems if untreated. Many owners do not realize when their dog is actually being dominant. Dogs are pack animals and higher ranking dogs assert dominance on lower ranking pack members. If your dog growls at the kids its because he sees himself as a higher pack member. This can lead to aggressive behaviors like biting if not treated properly. Many times it is the owners that enable this behavior with out knowing it. Here is some examples: Leaving dog chained for long periods with no human interaction, over punishing or praising with out reason, poor socialization as a puppy, frequent teasing by children. The problem is these dogs catch the blame when they bite or act out. Many dogs are put to sleep or taken to shelters when in most cases it could have been avoided.
Here is some dominant dog behaviors.
Excessive barking
Growling, snapping with food, toys, bones.
Chasing moving objects
Showing teeth
Ignoring commands
Escaping and roaming free
Jumping on people
Demands attention
Dog goes through doors first
Extremely dog aggressive
If your dog shows signs of these he is a dominant dog. How dominate depends. Every dog is different. You should research on it and talk to trainers. This is important if you have kids.
Here is some tips you can do to assert dominance and rank higher with your dog. You want to be the leader because this will cause your dog to respect you. Everyone should practice in the family as the dog views and ranks everyone individually!
Don't allow dog in bed or on furniture. This makes them feel equal to you. Many people do this as I do as well, however with a dominant dog it will reinforce this behavior.
Don't allow your dog to go through doors first or down stairs first. You lead they follow.
Make dog sit or do something before you decide to give attention. They don't get to bully you and demand it.
Don't allow dog to walk ahead of you when going out for a stroll.
Always keep on leash so they know you are in control.
Don't allow in kids bedrooms! Put up a gate. Dogs do not get to sleep with pack leader. Establish this with your kids by not allowing them in their rooms.
Ignore dog for 48 hours. No Attention at all, no talking, or eye contact. Be aloof. They understand that pack leaders are this way. They respect it. It does NOT hurt their feelings. Yes you still feed them.
Don't kiss dog on mouth or chin.
Don't pet, instead massage firmly.
Stay calm. They don't follow unstable leaders.
Play on your terms and times.
Walk and exercise dog
Eat First Dog eats after family.
This may sound like alot of things to do. You will get in the habit of it and your family and dog will be happier and safer. Make sure to be consistent and don't over punish by hitting or flying off the handle, it does not help.

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