Friday, December 18, 2009

Judge Joe Brown on Pitbulls

First off let me say that I never watched Judge Joe, but my family does. I personally think hes a long winder blow hard that likes to hear himself ramble. But I have seen him BASH pitbulls over and over because he doesnt like them. He calls them psycho and pulls up stupid charts that are not correct. He uses the fact that hes a judge to turn people against the breed. His charts are crap and use the term pit bull to cover many different breeds. So when you add the stats from many "pitbull" type breeds the stats will be higher then other breeds. He also has polls on his shows asking if pitbull owners should have a special license. What the hell is that? Judge Joe Brown is a moron! I hope people argue back with him as he tries to tech the world a bunch of false info.