Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth About Gas Chambers

Putting animals to death by means of gassing is a subject I have dreaded writing about. This is because the amount of sadness and grief that it fills my heart with. It literally causes a depression in me because I know what really goes on inside these gas chambers.

There is nothing humane about the gas chamber. In fact in is so cruel that most can not even believe the suffering that goes along with being gassed. It can take about 20-45 minutes for an animal to die. There is a list of symptoms that they can go through that include, sickness, disorientation, panic, fear, tremors, loss of control of bladder and bowls, dizziness and choking.

The worst thing about this is sometimes the animals dont die the first time from being gassed. They can have more dogs poured on top of them and go through the horror all over again. They will listen to the barks, screams and whimpers all over again. They can lose control of themselves and there nervous systems and can start banging their heads into the metal cage or start biting themselves or any other dog close to them. It is so horrible that some of the images I have seen on this upset me to the point of throwing up. It is hard to imagine that these innocent dogs and cats and babies are piled up like trash in these to suffer a fate that we cant imagine.

Some areas like North Carolina use gas chambers frequently. There is usually some petition to fight it that you can find some where online.

The gas they use is generally Carbon Monoxide which can leak and cause harm to the people running them. Not that I a have tons of sympathy for them. Yeah I know everyone has to make a living but to me anyone who does that is worthless to me.

The public needs to learn about this terrible method and stop turning a blind eye to it. Here is a link to a site that will teach you more.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Micheal Vick Now

Well by now I think its not news that Micheal Vick is playing football again with the Eagles. I was pretty surprised when I heard that he got a standing ovation at is first game. Seems like most of the crowd there was in favor of him and there was only one small group there for the dogs that he hurt and killed. So I would like to say this, if you were at that first game in Philly were he came out for the first time and you were one of the people that stood up, take me off your favorites list and dont come back to my blog! I dont want you hear. I understand that everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it but in this case I dont care. That is an outrage that he was welcomed back like that.
Seriously people is sports really that important that we are going to ignore what he did to these frigen innocent animals because he can throw a ball well? What are we telling everyone else in the world? Its not that big of a deal, if you get caught dog fighting and killing them after just say your sorry and all is forgotten. Is this justice?
Now I find out from the news that today that his jersey was the number 4 jersey to sell this year. I am shocked and blown away. What am I missing? I am still heartbroke over what he did and people are out there buying his stuff and supporting him. The level of cruelty which he was involved in does not just go away in a person. Sorry, but it doesn't. I never heard him apologize for the dogs that he killed in terrible ways once. I am just sad because I have so much love for this breed and we have people hurt it so much and everyone turns a blind eye to it because he is famous. Shame on every person that supports him!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What can you tell from a picture?

I often browse through the pet ads and every week or so I look on Petfinder to watch whats out there. I cam across this picture of this little girl Pit name Lola. She was at a shelter in Kentucky which is about 8 hours from me.

I seen something very special in her just from looking at her pic. Did you know you can generally tell a if a dog is dominant or submissive from a picture or two? Well you usually can if you know what you are looking for. Looking at the ears is the best way to start. Are they back and low against the dogs head? Or are they perked up and forward? If the are low and back then they this will usually indicate a more submissive personality. If they are up and forward then usually a more confident or some what dominant personality.

I feel in love with this dog because there was a softness on her face and in her eyes. You can also look at the tail to tell about the dog as well. There can be many factors that make it hard to tell though. What if the dog was just scared, or just got picked up off the street? You might not get the best reading then. So this really just gives you an idea. Look at the picture of the dog I fell in love with below.

This face shows me a type of dog that I would prefer. Submissive and sweet and soft. I went as far as to fill out and app. for her and while I was doing this some one else went there and snagged her. I was going to travel a couple states away just because something told me she was very sweet and special. I was heartbroke when I found out she was adopted but also happy she gets to start a new life.